Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  About MAP depositions 
Q 1. What does a MAP deposition contain?
Ans: General guidelines for articles that can be deposited to MAP are included here.
Q 2. Can I use images and figures from other publications/websites?




No, it is strongly recommended that the figures in the MAP depositions be original. For structure figures use Chimera or other visualization software to create the figure. For overview figures or process cartoons you can use simple geometric shapes in powerpoint, adobe or other graphics software. All figures should be referenced in the text and have clear labels and figure legends
Q 3. How should I create a MAP deposition and publish my article?
Ans:  Step-by-step instructions for creating and publishing a MAP deposition is available here
Q 4. How should I upload/insert pictures into my MAP deposition?                                         


When you copy and paste an article from a word document, the images are not copied over. They have to be separately uploaded according to the instructions available here.
Q 5. What format should be used for including citations in the MAP depositions?




The citation should be in APA style - i.e.

In the text body the citation should be included as (Timofeev, et al., 2010) and

In the References section the complete citation should be included as: 

Timofeev, V. I., Chuprov-Netochin, R. N., Samigina, V. R., Bezuglov, V. V., Miroshnikov, K. A., & Kuranova, I. P. (2010). X-ray investigation of gene-engineered human insulin crystallized from a solution containing polysialic acid. Acta Crystallographica Section F Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 66(3), 259-263. doi:10.1107/s1744309110000461

For help with citations try:

  About visualization software
Q 6.  What is the recommended visualization software for making figures for MAP depositions?
Ans:  Many of the structural figures are made using UCSF Chimera
Q 7.  Where can I get instructions for downloading Chimera?




To download the Windows version of the program: Click here
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